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In memory of my angel.  / Louisa (Mummy)

This website has been set up in memory of Noah Edwards. He was born on 23/6/06 at 1.12am after being diagnosed with a lethal skeletal dysplasia (Osteogenesis Imperfecta IIa). 
I welcome anybody to the site who wishes to share in the love of my beautiful boy.
Noah, I miss you, know that you will always be in my heart and thoughts. I will never forget you and will love you forever.
Jack would have been a brilliant big brother to you, and would have given you many many hugs. Please watch over Jack and keep him safe.

Mummy. xx

My little brother.  / Jack (Big brother )
Jack has asked me (mummy) to say this. He wishes you were with us Noah. He loves you lots. He is going to tell all his friends about you at school. He is so proud of you Noah, and is pleased he got his little brother, even if you can't be with us. Look over Jack and keep him safe. xxx
Remembering / Mummy
I know I don't post on here often enough Noah but don't ever think I'm not thinking about you. Your footprints are engraved in my heart forever. Don't ever think I don't miss you. I will always miss you I will never forget our precious time together and it will always mean everything to me. Don't ever think I don't love you. I will love you for eternity with all my heart and soul. Just remember my beautiful boy - no matter where I am or what I am doing I am remembering you the most amazing wonderful beautiful special boy. Keep sending me kisses on the wind baby xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
4 years  / Mummy

Well I cannot believe that 4 years have passed since my baby boy became an angel.

It seems like yesterday since my life as I knew it changed forever; since I changed forever, and at the same time feels like a lifetime ago.

I still wonder what you'd look like, what you'd be like - if you were here you'd be starting school this year, another big milestone that I've missed like all the rest.

I often wonder if you're happy, if you can visit me and watch over me; whether you're my guardian angel. Who looks after you in heaven? I hope you're with the other important people to me who are in heaven with you because I know they will take the greatest care of you until I can hold you in my arms again.

People don't like to talk about you anymore but I find that hard. I will never forget you and I wish that other people wouldn't forget you either. You will always be my second son and nothing and nobody will ever be able to take that away from us - just like I'll always be your mummy who wanted you so badly and who loves you for eternity.

No matter what life throws at me nothing could ever compare to losing you and if something positive can be drawn from your death it is that you made me strong. Know this Noah. You will always be in my heart and soul. I will remember you always. I will love you forever. Happy 4th Birthday my beautiful son. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 23/06/2010

If only.  / Louisa (Mummy)

If I could have a lifetime wish,
A dream that would come true,
I'd pray to God with all my heart
For yesterday and you.

A thousand words can't bring you back,
I know because I've tried.
And neither will a million tears,
I know because I've cried.

You left behind my broken heart
and memories too.
I never wanted memories....,
I only wanted you.

Hard day  / Mummy
I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you, all the time. I wish you were here where you belong with me. Your funeral was real sad, but perfect. Just wanted to let you know that I miss you. Forever, Mummy. xxxxx

4 weeks  / Mummy
I sit here at night thinking and I weep,
I hope you're going to join me in my dreams when I'm asleep.
But I'll never see you grow up; I'll never see you smile,
Worst of all I'll never get to hold you all the while.
All I ever wanted was my baby Noah, you,
And now I know there's absoltutely nothing I can do.
I hope you're happy Noah, as happy as can be,
I just wish with all my heart that you were here with me.

Hope you like the poem I wrote for you Noah. These last 4 weeks have been awful without you. Keep watching over us my beautiful baby.

Love you forever. 
Your Mummy. 
Little Snowdrop  / Mummy

The world may never notice
If a Snowdrop doesn't bloom,
Or even pause to wonder
If the petals fall too soon.
But every life that ever forms,
Or ever comes to be,
Touches the world in some small way
For all eternity.

The little one I long for
Was swiftly here and gone.
But the love that was then planted
Is a light that still shines on.
And though my arms are empty, 
My heart knows what to do.
Every beating of my hearts
Says that I love you.

Thinking of you  / Abigail Wilson (mummy's friend )
In the quiet hours of the night,

when everybody is sleeping tight,

I sometimes wake and think of you,

Of all the pain you must be going through,

peace of mind, will creep in gradually you'll see,

I'll try and help by sending you prayers with hopes and dreams,

Overwhelming feelings of despair and sadness,

a second, a minute and maybe a day,

when your heart will be filled with gladness,

of the precious time you had with Noah,

So I think of you and wish you well,

your in my heart, i'm sure you can tell,

so in those times of despair and sadness,

I'll always be here in the quiet hours, 

to give you my heart and soul with gladness


For Mummy & Daddy  / Irena Hill (Nanny to angel Kayleigh )
Dear Mr Postman,can you send a letter from me,
I need it sent from up above to my earthly family
Please send it quick, my mummy's sad, I hate to see her cry.
Every night she prays to God and sadly asks him why.
Please let it say, I could not stay, with an Angel I had to go
I'm fine, I'm happyhere with the other babies I know
I hope it reads to Daddy, I know you love me too
I miss you lots and all the things that we had planned to do.
Grandma, how I'll miss your hugs and kisses planned for me
I know how much you'll miss the growing child that I should be
Close it with, I love you so, I'm with you in your heart
I never really left you see, I was an angel from the start.
    I am so sorry for your loss, and I am sure my beautiful grandaughter Kayleigh is taking real good care of him and showing him the ropes.

For Louisa  / Vicki (Benjamin Riley Bernard Ogier's) Mummy (Passer By )

For you little Noah  / Vicki (Benjamin Riley Bernard Ogier's) Mummy (Passer By )

Play safely in the beautiful gardens in Heaven, can you say Hello to my little man Benjamin Button Nose! He is a lot bigger than you sweety so he will look after you.

For those who don't know what to say.  / Mummy (Mummy)
Don't ask me if I'm over it yet. I'll never be over it.
A part of me died with Noah.
Don't tell me he is in a better place.
He is not here with me, where he belongs.
Don't say at least he is not suffering.
I haven't come to terms with why he suffered at all.
Don't tell me at least I have other children.
Which of your children would you have sacrificed?
Don't ask me if I feel better.
Bereavement isn't a condition that clears up.
Don't force your beliefs on me.
Not all of us have the same faith.
Don't tell me at least I had Noah for so many minutes, hours or days.
When would you choose for your child to die?
Don't tell me God never gives us more than we can bear.
Right now I don't feel I can handle anything else.
Don't avoid me. I don't have a contagious disease, just unbearable pain.
Don't tell me you know how I feel, unless you have lost a child.
No other loss can compare to losing a child. It's not the natural order of things.
Don't take my anger personally.
I don't know who I'm angry at or why and lash out at those closest to me.
Don't whisper behind me when I enter a room.
I may be in pain, but I'm not deaf.
Don't stop calling me after the initial loss.
My grief does not stop there and I need to know others are thinking of me.
Don't be offended when I don't return calls right away.
I take each moment as it comes and some are worse than others.
Don't tell me to get on with my life.
We each grieve differently and in our own time frame - grief can't be governed by any clock or calendar. 
Do say you are sorry. 
I'm sorry, too, and you saying that you share my sorrow is far better than saying any of those tired clichés you don't really mean anyway. Just say you're sorry.
Do put your arms around me and hold me.
I need your strength to get me through each day.
Do say you remember Noah, if you do.
Memories are all I have left and I cherish them.
Do let me talk about my Noah.
Noah lived and still lives on in my heart, forever.
Do mention Noah's name.
It will not make me sad or hurt my feelings.
Do let me cry.
Crying is an important part of the grief process.

Cry with me if you want to.
Do remember me on special dates.
Noah's birth date, death date and holidays are a very lonely and difficult time for me without him.
Do send me cards on those dates saying you remember Noah.
I do.
Do show my family that you care.
Sometimes we forget to do that in our own pain.

Do be thankful for children.
Nothing hurts me worse than seeing other people in pain.
My heart go's out to little noahs family.  / Leanne Cunliffe (N/A)
I really feel deeply touched about your loss, i am only 18 and when reading about little noah made me cry i could never imagine what noahs family are feeling i just want to offer my support to the family, and i would love to offer a shoulder to cry on if anyone needs me. I would love to hear more about little noah, i wish you all the very best in the future thanks leannex
A simple poem of wishes  / Abigail Wilson (friend of mummy )
May there always be work for your hands to do

May your purse always hold a coin or two

May the sun always shine on your windowpane

May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain

May the hand of a friend always be near you

May god fill your heart with gladness to cheer you
Sending lots of love...  / Chloe Pleasance

A precious angel slipped away, no one heard a cry.
No time for Dad and Mommy to sing me lullabies.
My time with you was much too short. I had to leave too soon,
But love had joined us as I grew inside my Mommy's womb.
It wove it's way within our hearts, in all our hopes and dreams,
Until the very purest love became my tiny wings.
Although I could not stay with you, I knew right from the start,
That once you felt your angel's love, you'd keep me in your hearts.
I'm just a little angel but my time was not in vain.
As dark clouds that surround you give way unto the sun,
My precious parents you will see that any heart will sing,
If only for a moment it is brushed by angel wings.

for noah  / Lisa Lavin
In a baby castle just beyond my eye,
My baby plays with angel toys that money cannot buy.
Who am I to wish him back,
Into this world of strife?
No, play on my baby,
You have eternal life.

At night when all is silent
And sleep foresakes my eyes
I'll hear his tiny footsteps come running to my side.
His little hands caress me, so tenderly and sweet
I'll breathe a prayer and close my eyes and embrace him in my sleep.

Now I have a treasure that I rate above all other,
I have known true glory - I am still his mother
rest in peace little angel  / Lyndsey Herron (m&b)
So sorry for your loss, cannot imagine what you's are going through xxx
NOAH / Tsitsi Chikumbo (friend)

May you rest in peace and may the Lord protect you in His huge wings forever. Watch over your mom, dad and Jack, your brother for they are the best thing that has ever happened to you.
with tones of love

My condolences  / Alma Mills

I am so sorry for the loss of your precious Noah. My heart goes out to you.
I understand your pain and what you are going through. I also lost my baby last year.  I pray the Lord will comfort you and cover you with his love during this difficult time.  I know our babies are watching over us and we will see them one day again.

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