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Some fundraising we plan  

In Noah's memory we will be doing some fundraising. The two places we will donate any moneys to are the scanner appeal at University College Hospital, London and Bonnie Babies.

The reason we have chosen the scanner appeal is because this is where we went to be diagnosed. They were so kind and caring towards us, and treated us with dignity and respect. I believe that with a new scanner, UCLH can only get better, and I hope that we can help with this to help other families.

The reason we have chosen Bonnie Babies ( ) is because they are a wonderful non-profit voluntary organization who make and send premature baby clothes, including burial outfits to SCBU units, and to parents. I contacted them because we couldn’t find anything for Noah to wear for his funeral. They sent me the most beautiful tiny gown with a little blue rose and blue ties, a blue and white hat, a blanket, and a keepsake bag. We will be forever grateful to them for this, and we hope that by donating some money we can help others out who may need it.

We will keep you updated on any fundraising events that take place, and let you know how we get on.

For you Noah. Love you forever, Mummy. xxx


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